Now and Then: Józef Robakowski, Maciej Toporowicz, Anna Molska 
Centrala, Birmingham, UK 
1 -  30 November 2014

Now and Then showcased works of artists representing three generations of Polish video art. The exhibition featured works by some of the most acclaimed contemporary Polish artists: Józef Robakowski (b. 1939), Maciej Toporowicz (b. 1959) and Anna Molska (b.1983). All three began their artistic careers in a different historical context – Robakowski in the sixties, Toporowicz in the eighties and Molska in the first decade of the twenty first century. Their films are records of socio-political changes taking place in Poland during the last fifty years.

Now and Then gave an in-depth insight in to each artist’s work, screening almost three hours long footage. It features diverse artistic practices, but in the same time all three draw upon historical events to question the present day and social mechanisms. Exhibition was realised as the part of Behind the Curtain Festival
  1. Anna Molska
    Anna Molska
  2. Maciej Toporowicz
    Maciej Toporowicz
  3. Maciej Toporowicz
    Maciej Toporowicz
  4. Maciej Toporowicz
    Maciej Toporowicz